About the You Got Jobbed Podcast

You Got Jobbed is a podcast based on this pile of interviews on the McSweeney’s website.

The contents of the podcast can vary from week to week.

Some weeks I speak to people I’ve interviewed for McSweeney’s. Some weeks I speak to people I’ve never interviewed before. And some weeks my friend Avril Watson (former magician’s assistant) joins me and we read one or two of the older interviews.

To access the podcast, you can open the Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad, or access whatever podcast app you have on your phone. If you have a phone from 1980 then this will not work. You can just go to the home page of this site, click any episode, and listen from the little “SoundCloud” widget that you see.

Thanks for listening!


40 – Bees & Rats

Stacey worked at a bee farm, and worked her way up to wearing a bee beard. The second interviewee shot…

39 – Ostriches

Ostriches. Do you know anything about them? If not, listen to this episode.  

38 – Pizza

I worked at a pizza place, and Gloria Steinem wants me to keep podcasting...  

37 – Dippin Dots in My Shoes

Abby Markson (from episode 11) is back to talk about a variety of crappy jobs and one bad car accident.…