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30 – The Family Band

Haley DeLeon plays in a wedding band with her family. She played her first weddings at age 12! She plays accordion and violin, but can play drums if the drummer needs to use the bathroom.

Original interview, with her twin sister Zoe, is here.

Show Notes

:38 Haley DeLeon is in a wedding band with her family.

:56 The band is in Tampa, FL. deleonentertainment.com

1:28 Haley learned to play accordion when she was 6 years old. Then she picked up the violin. She will sometimes play keyboard or drums.

2:12 She performed in her first weddings when she was 12 or 13 years old.

4:00 Suzanne gets a little too into how the accordion works. You wear it like a baby bjorn.

5:32 Last night Haley played at a wedding and it went really well–everyone wanted to dance right away.

7:13 All weddings are the same. People get drunk and crazy, knock drinks over. Everyone is the same.

8:16 They also do private parties, Octoberfest, corporate events. October is a busy time for them.

10:15 They have thousands of songs they can play. Sweet Caroline is a big crowd pleaser.

12:36 She likes the songs that make people happy. She likes when her mom sings “Can’t take my eyes off of you.”

13:30 They sing current songs. She does Rihanna and Siya and Bruno Mars.

15:44 She’s not a huge fan of Pitbull songs.

18:04 She had to sing a customized version of Skyfall for a corporate event. It was for a yacht company so they asked her to sing something like, “Let the boat fall.”

Suzanne went to event where they sang “Livin to beat our quota” to the tune of “Living la vida loca.”

20:39 Her twin sister is also in the band.

22:10 Her family is helping your family on a very special day in your life.

26:53 Her parents are also her bosses. It’s all good now but was a little rocky when she was a teenager.

28:06 Sigfried from the German beer garten in DisneyWorld dropped dead on stage while playing accordion (Suzanne thinks). Haley’s brother played accordion in “Germany” at Epcot for a time.

30:13 The Canadian band “Off Kilter” no longer plays at the “Canada” pavilion at Epcot. They were replaced by a log-cutting show, then by First Peoples. We miss Off Kilter though.

31:42 Last year her family played on a cruise. Wedding season skips July and August because the weather is so hot.

33:34 Don’t get married outside in Florida.

35:21 One time Haley had to perform on top of a 20-30 story hotel and she is afraid of heights. She freaked out a bit but her family helped her deal with it. Eek.

38:40 The humidity made the neck of the cello break off one time. The guy who repaired it used airplane glue.

40:30 Haley urges you to reconsider having the ceremony on the beach, and instead just do some pictures out there.

41:10 Either Haley herself would have the most perfect wedding ever, or have none. She’s been to hundreds herself.

42:46 People have asked her family to do a reality show. They’re not really that into the idea.

45:22 They announce the bride and groom. They get the names right but sometimes the bridesmaids’/groomsmen’s names might be slightly off if they don’t tell them in advance.

49:30 Is it romantic singing “Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong” with another guy? No. The guy is like family to her.

53:24 She likes The Wedding Singer but he seems a bit too unprofessional.

54:49 Suzanne’s first dance went something like “cent, five cent, ten cent, dollar.”

What a romantic first song:




29 – The Bookmobile

Justine Coldwater drives the bookmobile! She talks about her sweet new ride (it replaced a sad old school bus), about her patrons, and the history of bookmobiles.

She drew the picture you see above!!

Original interview here.

Show Notes

49: Justine works in a moderately-sized middle-of-the-country metropolitan city as a bookmobile driver.

1:52 If it were the end of the world, Justine would drive around giving people books and talking about them. At the same time she had that thought, she looked on craigslist and found the bookmobile job.

3:35 Since Justine and I last spoke, she got a new bookmobile! She used to have a sad old bus that would break down.

4:00 No more holding her bus together with shoe string and chewing gum! They got a new bookmobile!

5:50 Justine describes the inside of the bookmobile. It sounds high tech.

9:15 They’re out there four days a week.

11:35 The kids like the captain underpants books.

15:30 Justine has never felt unappreciated by her customers. Then we laugh at poor Dexter O’Connell, the referee from a few podcasts ago, who never gets thanks.

17:37 The new bookmobile was courtesy of an anonymous donor.

19:32 Bookmobile history and trivia… Bookmobiles started in the early 1900s!

21:54 They serve lots of people every month.

23:32 National Bookmobile Day is in April as part of National Library Week.

25:38 Justine has a huge following of German Bookmobile drivers on twitter. Follow her on twitter! @bkm_lyfe

27:58 Kid tried to hang onto the bookmobile. Gotta watch out for kids doing that. She went a little crazy on him.

30:30 She’s not had any accidents but she has gone over curbs.

32:00 The old bookmobile went up for auction.

33:50 You could fit a mattress in the bookmobile aisle.

34:29 In Africa they have a camel library service.

35:05 The library cake. I’m not sure if this is what she meant…


36:22 Biblioburro – A movie about donkeys used as bookmobile in Colombia.

37:56 A librarian started a bicycle bookmobile in New Orleans.

39:37 The bookmobile exists because of the level of poverty in the community.

They have a little more flexibility in dealing with customers, lost books, late fees.

43:08 People know Justine so they don’t feel embarassed putting 50 Shades of Grey on hold. Suzanne says I don’t care what your income level is, you should be embarassed asking for 50 Shades of Grey.

Justine has shelves of dirty books. Straight-up erotica. Books with Fabio on the cover…

45:56 Fabio’s face didn’t get messed up too bad from the goose accident. http://www.esquire.com/entertainment/news/a43436/fabio-busch-gardens-goose-killer/

47:43 The bookmobile is the place for Justine. She finds the library itself to be a little dull.

50:55 American Library Association and Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services if you want to donate!

Here is the Seattle bookmobile:


28 – From Lampshades to Late Night

Rachael Burke started her young career at a lampshade store in Vermont. Later, she won a dance competition on Jimmy Fallon and performed with Jimmy and the Roots. Now she works for him! I actually thought the interview was going to be about lampshades.

Original interview here.

Show Notes

1:50 Rachael worked for a lampshade store in rural Vermont. Lake’s Lampshades. http://lakeslampshades.com/

3:18 The first time she tried to make a lampshade, Rachael realized she had the lampshade power.

5:25 Rachael’s first lampshade had paisley and polka dots. She was proud as a peacock.

7:10 Judy (the owner/lampshade lady) still has a booming business.

9:06 Rachael learned how to re-wire old lamps. Her confidence level in this area is pretty high.

14:10 Judy wrote a book called The Lampshade Lady’s Guide to Lighting Up Your Life.

17:49 Rachael worked as an assistant to the director of a movie called Grassroots. As part of it, she went around New York City with a guy who was dressed as a polar bear.


22:29 The Seattle skate park Suzanne remembers is now the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

23:45 With the polar bear, Rachael waved at animals in the zoo and also posed in wedding pictures in Washington Square Park.

25:20 She has since worked for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman.

26:35 Jimmy Fallon had a contest to create the next great dance move. She has a lot of dance moves up her sleeve.

She and her college roommate filmed a video and won the contest! They went to NY and performed with Jimmy and the Roots.

30:08 The move was called “The Nug Dance” because they called attractive people “nuggets” in high school.

30:35 Apparently people at UCLA fraternities picked up the nug dance for a time.

33:04 Rachael flew from Spain for her Letterman internship interview. A 24-hour trip.

Rachel won an Emmy before she got her college degree. Now, however, she has both.

36:50 Literature or Journalism were Suzanne’s two options for college degrees. She somehow got a journalism degree.

42:00 Rachael now works for Jimmy Fallon and does character work and comedy in New York. On twitter, she is @thatsso_rachael.


27 – Movie Extra / Porn Cataloguer

Mike begrudgingly joins me to talk about a few of his friends. One was a movie extra for a brief period of time. The other catalogued porn.

Original interviews here and here.

Mail suzanne@suzanneyeagley.com if you want Mike to join future podcasts!

Show Notes

3:05 Suzanne kicks Mike’s chair.

5:00 The interview begins!

5:30 The expression is “graduated FROM college” not “graduated college”

6:45 We don’t have Matt Haze’s headshots but we wish we did.

11:20 You have to be buff and shave your chest when you live in LA.

12:50 More chest hair talk.

14:20 Matt sold nutritional supplements to increase his meager actor income.

15:30 He was in Can’t Hardly Wait with Jennifer Love Hewitt. You can see him if you really try.

16:44 He was in another movie with Rachel Hunter. It was the same scene every day so he had to wear the same clothes, but could only afford to wash his undergarments.

18:20 Very Bad Things. Cruel Intentions. Too confusing and similar as far as titles go.

20:38 Mike makes Suzanne cry with his horrible cruelty.

21:29 Jonathan Silverman seems like he should have been in Dirty Dancing.

22:28 Matt Haze was in Mad About You. Sometimes people tell Suzanne she looks like Helen Hunt.

26:25 Next interview – porn cataloguer

28:35 unusualjobs@mcsweeneys.net – If you are an interesting interview subject. Suzanne should compile all the people with sex work jobs who have emailed her over the years…

31:50 Everyone needs to download the foghorn app.

33:16 Mike doesn’t look at porn; when he’s tempted he does Bible study.

36:30 Don’t want to alienate the one fan by talking about politics.

38:22 He went to the erotica convention. He met a woman who was always on the cover of heavy metal magazine.

39:17 Red Shoe Diaries was first dirty show Suzanne ever saw.

40:27 Mike would prefer more bible passages on his porn sites.

41:56 Suzanne couldn’t watch In Living Color because that channel didn’t come in very well.

43:24 Mike liked Shannon Dougherty when she was on Our House.

45:40 Mike had a really great time. He sounds very sincere when he says that.

48:42 Suzanne sings Summer Breeze.



25 – You IN PARTICULAR Don’t Understand the Rules

Dexter O’Connell is a referee who has been yelled at in every language of eastern Europe.

He drops some Globetrotters knowledge, for example, how many times have the Globetrotters lost? Listen to find out! (Or Google it…)

Original McSweeney’s interview here.

Show Notes

:47 Dexter officiates a variety of youth and adult sports.

1:20 Dexter was a ridiculous nerd as a child and was very interested in the person keeping score. He bothered the person running the scoreboard until they agreed to teach him how to operate it.

3:50 Did Dexter ever screw up the scoreboard? Yes. Usually you notice when you do it, but when you’re a kid you can be absentminded about it.

5:40 Even in the NBA the person running the scoreboard is only part-time. The scoreboard is really just for the fans.

6:55 Once in a while the official timer screws up and it can determine the outcome of the game.

8:20 How did Dexter learn how to ref? From a guy who ran group homes, and another guy, Daryl, who was a ref for the Globetrotters, as seen in this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzC11oNYx64

The Generals beat the Globetrotters three times in their history. When the Generals are playing offense, the game is real. A guy named Red Klotz invented the Generals.

13:30 Dexter learned whereto position himself, what to call…

14:21 The first game he ever reffed, he didn’t call any fouls because he was terrified.

18:33 Suzanne played soccer and noticed herself having anger management issues.

21:08 Dexter has been berated in every language of Eastern Europe. He did girls lacrosse finals and the coach told him, “YOU IN PARTICULAR do not understand this rule.”

29:47 What’s it like to ref little kids? 50-75% instruction, 50-25% officiating.

31:50 Dexter has made kids cry. He felt bad, but he’s made kids cry.

34:15 In soccer when Suzanne blocked her chest, sometimes they called it, sometimes they didn’t. Dexter seems like he would call it. Suzanne says she forgot to mention that she did grab the ball and place it at her feet and kick it. So maybe it was an actual penalty.

35:27 Dexter talks about when he’s screwed up a soccer game, let it get out of hand. He called way too many penalties after a bad day at work. It’s hard to stop “a cycle of badness.”

40:30 Suzanne thinks Dexter could be an NBA ref.

43:20 How much criticism vs thanks? 5% thanks. Criticism every game.

47:00 Even if he’s retired he could maybe run a scoreboard somewhere.

Final thoughts: There is a book called Soccer in Sun and Shadow, which Dexter highly recommends, and which has a chapter about a referee. Link here: http://deadspin.com/the-referee-from-soccer-in-sun-and-shadow-1586700996


24 – The Cemetery

John Ertle buried dead people in a huge cemetery in Cleveland.

Original McSweeney’s interview here.

Show Notes

1:08 When I interviewed John in 2013 he was a minor (I did not realize it at the time).

1:25 John did maintenance work at a cemetery for three years.

2:09 It’s the busiest cemetery in Cleveland–250,000 people are buried there. But there are even bigger cemeteries in Cleveland.

4:35 Suzanne plans to go to Bruce Lee’s grave. (After the pod she tried but could not find the cemetery entrance.)

5:07 John had friends come to bury their family members. He was wearing construction clothes. Awkward.

7:08 What can you steal from a dead person’s casket? Maybe not much.

8:00 You can get a mausoleum for your family, but if there are only three of you, you can use the fourth spot for your beloved silver collection.

9:05 Dying is expensive.

10:04 What if you have to spend eternity in a slot next to some asshole you hate.

12:30 They don’t swoop in to bury the body until the mourners are long gone.

13:44 His co-workers were from all walks of life. On guy was illiterate. Another guy who wanted to be a priest but it didn’t work out, so he worked for cemetery for 40 years.

16:30 One guy had mild elephantiasis and narcolepsy. This was the former priest. He was also a former clown.

17:40 When he had allergy attacks he spit out his dentures. They fell on the floor of his truck and he just put them back in. He was a nice guy though. He once fell asleep and drove over a bunch of graves.

21:10 He’s never seen a dead body. Could have been burying empty caskets for years.

24:00 John talks about how he crawls into holes.

26:50 They’ll bury one vault on top of each other. John would jump in and then “spiderman crawl out of there.” He remembers the first time they left him there.

30:25 Memorial Day – thousands of American flags put on all of the former service-members graves. Maybe a third of all the people buried there were veterans. Took 2-3 days to pick up all the flags after Memorial Day. Good time to take vacation.

36:27 One lady would leave travel-size shampoos on a grave, people would leave change, cigars, flowers (obviously). One person put a huge cross into the ground during the night… Sometimes a father’s day card…

38:40 A lady came in looking for a half-drunk Mountain Dew bottle that they’d thrown away. It was her deceased son’s. They had to find it in the trash.

43:49 Suzanne wants a Rocky-style statue put on top of her grave. (Actually cremation is fine with me)

45:00 Now he works at 5-star restaurant and grows hydroponic produce. (It’s cool because you don’t need to use chemicals to grow stuff.)

47:12 Does cryogenic freezing work? Eh, probably not.

49:27 Death is happening in bulk. Every day, all the time.

23 – A Suitcase Full of Knives

Avril and I read an interview about selling knives door-to-door. We also cover the definitions of diaphragm, wrestling movies, Days of Our Lives, Bon Jovi, Avon, and Hempfest.

Original McSweeney’s interview here.

Show Notes

:53 The sun is actually shining in Seattle.

2:15 Avril is on a cleanse, clean eating, not exactly like a survival reality show but close.

3:52 Your diaphragm – what is it? How many breaths should you take in a minute, 6?

6:00 How many wrestling movies can you name? How about Sylvester Stallone movies?

12:55 Wrestling live in the 80s. Suzanne saw it at the local high school. Sargeant Slaughter.

15:00 Bon Jovi. Suzanne saw them 3 times in the 80s. She has this poster on her bedroom door and talks to it each morning. (Don’t judge)


16:30 Hulk Hogan – what is his real name? Terry Gene Bollea! Whoa. Would not have guessed he was a “Terry.” “Hulk” must be over-compensating.


18:33 The interview actually starts. The interview subject started selling knives in the summer during high school.

19:30 Avril also went to a CUTCO knives seminar. She did not pursue the opportunity.

20:55 The interviewee was really into the presenter and the idea of being THE BEST at selling knives.

22:10 She tries to sell knives to high school Spanish teacher, who buys nothing despite being quiet wealthy.

25:40 Her first sale.

26:10 Days of Our Lives. Watching in college, taping it on the VCR.

28:55 Sammi from Days of Our Lives was on Fear Factor. She was covered in worms, cockroaches, and snakes. But she did it!

33:00 Suzanne knew intern who tried to see how many animal crackers he could put in his mouth. Probably a had-to-be-there thing.

34:30 Where did the word “scootch” come from.

36:00 Suzanne looks up dirty words in the Merriam-Webster app.

38:48 Suzanne worked at Hempfest a few years ago and after a long winding story, she makes a CUTCO tie-in.

49:07 Suzanne inadvertently stole money from Hempfest (but later returned it).

50:51 What was better than Avon lipstick samples? (Thank you to this site for the picture!)

avon lipstick

54:18 Ladies Get Paid! Article about the wage gap.

55:00 The challenge of stenography school. My friend Abby is rocking it!

58:10 What is up with Avril’s shirt?? She’s badass. She cut the sleeves off a dress shirt!

avril's shirt


22 – Summer Camp!

Erica Jameson runs a summer camp that’s been in her family since the 1930s. We talk about animals and how to kill them, as well as that old camp standard–Bloody Mary. In the last 10 minutes, my daughter steps in to ask some hot-button camp questions and to give “shout outs” to kids in her class.

Original McSweeney’s interview here.

Show Notes

1:09 Erica is a residential summer camp director. People come to her sustainable working ranch for two-week periods. They sleep outside, live without electricity.

2:20 On the first day of camp, the kids show up and the counselors rush the cars.

4:44 Suzanne is picturing kids being sullen and asks if there are a lot of them wearing hoodies. No, they are not, because it’s really hot there.

5:28 Do the kids shower? Every other day apparently. Some stand outside the stream of water, but most shower. When Erica was at camp, for showers, the kids lined up and would get sprayed with a hose.

7:42 The Jameson Ranch Camp was founded by Erica’s grandfather in Ft. Tejon, California, near Santa Clarita and Bakersfield.

9:15 Her grandfather started the camp to help wayward boys. Example: one of them stole a car. He wanted them to learn hunting, trapping, literature. Then met his wife who was also into camping. They ran camp for 40 years, then their children ran the camp for 40 years, and Erica recently took over.

11:52 They do not shovel manure there.

13:00 All of the buildings have been made by her family and the camp community.

13:50 She was a high school history teacher. But camp is her soul—it’s when she has the most hope for humanity.

15:00 Unfortunately she doesn’t know how to trap animals (trapping). She can drive a team of horses or butcher a cow though.

16:00 Details of butchering a cow. Ugh. Removing the entrails, taking out the heart. Cow hearts are bigger than human hearts.

Erica milking a cow!

Erica milking a cow!

19:45 They have a llama that is sometimes nice. She’s moody. Like Suzanne. If an alpaca dies you have to take it out with a crane. Also you can ride a llama if you’re under 60 pounds!

22:00 Discussions of rats and trapping.

24:10 They sing a lot.

26:14 They eat s’mores every Saturday. They’re going to branch out and possibly put peanut butter cups in their s’mores this season.

27:00 Wet Hot American Summer—any parallels? Not really.

28:20 How do they get the kids to go to bed at night? When the final bell rings, it’s bedtime. And it’s dark and you get up early, so you fall asleep.

30:00 Bloody Mary is still maybe a thing? Erica doesn’t think kids do it, she thinks it’s only adults who remember that. Suzanne had a Bloody Mary experience at camp as a kid. It’s about Mary Queen of Scots. Suzanne thought it was about Mary mother of God. You chant it three times and she will materialize in the mirror. No idea the origins of this.

At camp, they frown upon screaming in the middle of the night.

34:06 Suzanne’s daughter asks a few questions about camp. Has her camp ever had a bug infestation? Suzanne’s daughter is concerned. She re-counts the horrors of her camp experience. And asks what kinds of things people do to get sent home early.

She also gives “shout outs” to her various friends and kids in her class.

Go to http://www.jamesonranchcamp.com for details on Erica’s kickass camp.

20 – Cracking the Whip

Allison Williams had a long career as a fire-eating, whip-cracking trapeze artist. She talks about what it’s like to put fuel in your mouth and to use a whip to crack food out of someone’s mouth.

(Photo is from a festival in Budva, Montenegro. Credit: Dragan)


Original McSweeney’s interview here.

Contact Allison!
@guerillamemoir on twitter and instagram, idowords.net

Show Notes

2:00 A rough beginning:


2:49 Allison was a full-time professional fire eater and circus performer.

4:30 Allison started eating fire because someone told her she couldn’t.

6:38 She did the same show more than 3-4000 times over 22 years. She tweaked the show over time.

7:26 At 15 she started playing a washing well wench at the local Renaissance Fair.

9:03 She eventually created a fire-eating-bed-of-nails show with her husband that they did for 10 years.

10:04 She wrote a book about improv for renaissance festival participants. (85 photocopied sheets that got passed around)

11:28 She met her husband, who worked his way through college as a royal jester at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas. He was a fire-eating mime.

11:57 When she started eating fire it did not go so well. But when she went to an audition she just did it, no choice. Got her a job in a Chicago night club.

13:15 What do you use to eat fire? You can use mop string or lamp wicking, but she likes Kevlar wick.

15:22 She did not have health insurance while eating fire. But she lives in Dubai now, where it is illegal to not have health insurance, and your employer provides it. She is very excited to have dental coverage.

16:45 Her last performance was at a mall in Kuwait about a year and a half ago.

18:13 She’s in an all-women cast of MacBeth now, playing MacBeth.

20:54 She’s done corporate events, where they want her to fall out of the ceiling and hand Rolex watches to the best salespeople, or to dress in the company’s corporate colors.

25:00 She is part of a female company and people have been decently nice to them. Covent Garden in London is a hard pitch to work.

26:34 The roughest performance of her career was on America’s Got Talent. Howard Stern led the audience in booing her personally. Polite and professional is not good TV though, and that’s how she responded, leading her humiliation to be relegated to a brief montage.

28:45 More detail about America’s Got Talent behind the scenes.

30:13 She started learning how to use a bullwhip when she was 15 and had a crush on a guy who taught her. She can now whip a piece of celery from between a man’s legs.

In this photo from Covent Garden, she just finished cracking the whip and chopping the celery out of this guy’s mouth–you can see it flying in the air. (Photo credit: Fehmi Comert)

Allison Williams whip cracking

34:22 The whip can come back and crack her. But most of the time nothing goes wrong. The dangers of jamming the photocopy machine are discussed.

34:45 The different types of camping fuel you can use to do fire-eating. Burping fuel is not super pleasant.

37:18 Since retirement, she hosts a podcast for the Brevity literary magazine. She has written a young adult novel and is starting a new one. She’s written “Get Published in Literary Magazines” and “Self-Edit Like a Pro.”

40:52 A bit about what it’s like to live in Dubai. It says “housewife” on her visa. It’s trust and fear. We trust that they fear.

46:21 Can women wear half-shirts and shorty-shorts? You’re supposed to cover your knees and your shoulders but it’s not necessarily enforced.

49:24 Advice for anyone who wants to be a fire-eater whip-cracker: Don’t wait for permission.

And you have to be willing to get 100 Nos before you get a Yes.


19 – Sperm Bank / Fire Walker

This week Avril and I talk about what it’s like to work at a sperm bank, and what it takes to be a firewalk instructor. Needless to say, we know nothing about either.

Also, side note–the Q-Tip will make more sense when you’re done listening. And as usual, it’s gross.

Original McSweeney’s interviews here:
Sperm Bank
Firewalk Instructor

Show Notes

1:28 The Sperm Bank is introduced.

3:10 If Suzanne’s last name Yeagley had a meaning, what would it be? Does it rhyme with Delores?

3:40 Dina explains how she ended up at the sperm bank. When in fact, she wanted to work at an art gallery.

4:30 Suzanne and Avril discuss what they think semen analysis entails. We were wrong.

7:00 Is there anything more embarrassing than your mom taking you to the sperm bank? Suzanne will ask her husband.

8:10 We wonder what it would be like to be told to go in that room and masturbate on command. Could we do it?

8:55 Dina explains what semen analysis entails – hurray – we finally know! Little did we know it would include “debris.” Suzanne goes off on a tangent after hearing the word “debris.”

12:15 Now that Suzanne’s rant about debris is over, we get back to semen analysis and the “collection” of the sperm. The proper receptacle for the “collection” is discussed. Suzanne and Avril discuss if sperm can live in a hot tub.

14:12 Suzanne and Avril discuss condo hot tub rules and bad experiences.

16:13 Dina reveals some of the non-approved containers guys who “collected” at home bring their sperm in. One hint….it’s not butter.

19:29 Dina describes the process of sperm donation – it includes a Q-tip which scared a lot of people off (duh).

20:30 Suzanne goes off on a tangent about a contestant on the Amazing Race. Let’s just say – his balls hurt.

25:37 We discuss what we think the room looks like where you supply your donation. Suzanne guessed right!

29:54 Suzanne wonders if everyone wants to pick the hot guy as their sperm donor, like James Marsden.

30:31 Dina discusses what her parents thought of her job at the sperm bank. You might be surprised.

32:35 The firewalker interview is introduced.

33:51 We discover how Robert went from lawyer to firewalker.

36:33 Robert talks about training and what that entails. Avril falls a little bit in love.

38:30 We find out it’s difficult to get a firewalk license in Jamaica – I mean, where’s that office?

39:17 We discuss who is hiring a firewalker. Avril talks about how she tried to get her team to face their fears and that was hard enough. Suzanne reveals her fear is wearing high rise jeans.

42:15 Robert talks about how lucrative firewalking can be if the right company hires you. Avril falls in love again until she hears about the bed of nails.

43:43 Suzanne talks about her brother’s many mishaps – one of which included a staple gun.

44:45 We hear more about the bed of nails which includes 6,000 nails (shudder). We’re intrigued about bending a bar of steel with your throat.

46:52 Suzanne and Avril discuss building their own nail board. Then find out later that Robert thinks we’re ridiculous.

47:51 Robert discusses safety precautions and Suzanne struggles with math – we blame it on the heat.

51:10 We want to look Robert up and see if he’s still a firewalk instructor so we can hire him and try it out ourselves.

52:15 Suzanne gets mushy and turns into a Hallmark card. BUT, she has a point about how Robert gives us hope.

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