Mike begrudgingly joins me to talk about a few of his friends. One was a movie extra for a brief period of time. The other catalogued porn.

Original interviews here and here.

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Show Notes

3:05 Suzanne kicks Mike’s chair.

5:00 The interview begins!

5:30 The expression is “graduated FROM college” not “graduated college”

6:45 We don’t have Matt Haze’s headshots but we wish we did.

11:20 You have to be buff and shave your chest when you live in LA.

12:50 More chest hair talk.

14:20 Matt sold nutritional supplements to increase his meager actor income.

15:30 He was in Can’t Hardly Wait with Jennifer Love Hewitt. You can see him if you really try.

16:44 He was in another movie with Rachel Hunter. It was the same scene every day so he had to wear the same clothes, but could only afford to wash his undergarments.

18:20 Very Bad Things. Cruel Intentions. Too confusing and similar as far as titles go.

20:38 Mike makes Suzanne cry with his horrible cruelty.

21:29 Jonathan Silverman seems like he should have been in Dirty Dancing.

22:28 Matt Haze was in Mad About You. Sometimes people tell Suzanne she looks like Helen Hunt.

26:25 Next interview – porn cataloguer

28:35 unusualjobs@mcsweeneys.net – If you are an interesting interview subject. Suzanne should compile all the people with sex work jobs who have emailed her over the years…

31:50 Everyone needs to download the foghorn app.

33:16 Mike doesn’t look at porn; when he’s tempted he does Bible study.

36:30 Don’t want to alienate the one fan by talking about politics.

38:22 He went to the erotica convention. He met a woman who was always on the cover of heavy metal magazine.

39:17 Red Shoe Diaries was first dirty show Suzanne ever saw.

40:27 Mike would prefer more bible passages on his porn sites.

41:56 Suzanne couldn’t watch In Living Color because that channel didn’t come in very well.

43:24 Mike liked Shannon Dougherty when she was on Our House.

45:40 Mike had a really great time. He sounds very sincere when he says that.

48:42 Suzanne sings Summer Breeze.