If you’re a writer, I want to give you a recommendation for a service called “The Spun Yarn.” www.spunyarn.com

I sent them a draft of my manuscript and I got back the most amazing report. They assign three random readers to read and review your book, and then give you a report that tells you what the readers thought.

The report had great info about what I need to fix. Some of it I knew, and some of it was hard to hear, but it was more than worth it.

I highly recommend this service to my fellow writers.

And if you’re one of the three readers who reviewed my manuscript, email me so I can send you the updated version! I swear it’s even better than the one you already read!

It’s a real mind-bender to get this kind of honest feedback from people you don’t know. I guess I’m more used to criticism from the people I love.  : )