Let’s just get this out of the way.

I think Trump is a bigot and I am going to vote in every election going forward. #vaginafirst!

Any time I write something with a hashtag, I feel like if it were 10 years ago, I’d be saying “.com” instead. vaginafirst.com

Anyway, I predict that when this whole disastrous experiment is over, there is going to be a renaissance of creativity. All of the energy we’ve all been spending, being in shock about the unbelievable levels of corruption and profiteering–it will be this massive release and everyone in the U.S. at least will turn back to being creative for creativity’s sake, rather than for the sake of the best way to express their outrage/confusion/snarkiness that is sucking our energy and filling our leisure time (as it must right now).

I know very little about history but I wonder if, while Hitler was rising to power–were anti-Hitler protests happening in the streets? Did he have a 40% approval rating?

One thing that feels true–if you don’t have a mommy who loves you–it can really fuck with your ability to cope in a healthy way. Did Trump have a mom in the picture? You always hear about his bigoted/anti-semetic dad, but was there a mom?

Sorry, now I realize I’m saying you need a mom–a loving dad would be fine too! I should’ve said parent. Person. Human.

Ugh. See how much time and energy I spent just there? Let that be a lesson.

I will vote, I will be calling senators, but I can’t let this thing continue to eat me alive. I wish the same for you.