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38 – Pizza

I worked at a pizza place, and Gloria Steinem wants me to keep podcasting…


37 – Dippin Dots in My Shoes

Abby Markson (from episode 11) is back to talk about a variety of crappy jobs and one bad car accident. Also covered: Jon Hamm on the dating game, Cheba Hut, and the elusive Loverboy album cover.

Cheba Hut:

Jon Hamm on dating game:

Loverboy album cover:


36 – The Titanium Plant

I’m interviewing myself this week! Come listen to what it was like to work at a titanium plant. I charm some men from the French Navy and hilarity (and diarrhea) ensues.

Details about poor old Oremet Titanium:

Here is my snoopy phone–still have it:

snoopy phone


35 – Ms. Cricket, First Grade Teacher

This episode is just, well, I don’t know. Listen at your own risk. You may never get this time back…

Also I have no idea what the front page picture means. My kid drew it.

Also here is what the little sticker booklets look like:


34 – From Hair Growing to Paint Drying

Gil Prowler is a cameraman who’s seen it all.

Original interview here:

Eating out of the bear’s mouth:


On set for an interview with OJ Simpson:

At the Oscars:

Other crazy stuff:

And of course, backstage!

33 – Baby Put Mouse in Mouth

Ken Doyle, safecracker extraordinaire, talks about his time as a paramedic, responding to a variety of horrific calls. If you have a weak stomach, this may not be the episode for you.

And just another note! Guess how many people have jumped off of the Golden Gate Bridge and lived? 26! Is that more or less than you thought?

32 – The Fruit of your Labors

Sorry for the pun. Samuel Thornhill, owner of, talks about his crazy path from the music to the insurance industry, onto personal chef and wine stomper.

Referred to in the show:

Samuel’s blog:

Go buy Chehalem wines!

Zack Morris is trash: YouTube channel

31 – Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! This week, a very special guest. Love her or hate her, you can’t escape her…




30 – The Family Band

Haley DeLeon plays in a wedding band with her family. She played her first weddings at age 12! She plays accordion and violin, but can play drums if the drummer needs to use the bathroom.

Original interview, with her twin sister Zoe, is here.

Show Notes

:38 Haley DeLeon is in a wedding band with her family.

:56 The band is in Tampa, FL.

1:28 Haley learned to play accordion when she was 6 years old. Then she picked up the violin. She will sometimes play keyboard or drums.

2:12 She performed in her first weddings when she was 12 or 13 years old.

4:00 Suzanne gets a little too into how the accordion works. You wear it like a baby bjorn.

5:32 Last night Haley played at a wedding and it went really well–everyone wanted to dance right away.

7:13 All weddings are the same. People get drunk and crazy, knock drinks over. Everyone is the same.

8:16 They also do private parties, Octoberfest, corporate events. October is a busy time for them.

10:15 They have thousands of songs they can play. Sweet Caroline is a big crowd pleaser.

12:36 She likes the songs that make people happy. She likes when her mom sings “Can’t take my eyes off of you.”

13:30 They sing current songs. She does Rihanna and Siya and Bruno Mars.

15:44 She’s not a huge fan of Pitbull songs.

18:04 She had to sing a customized version of Skyfall for a corporate event. It was for a yacht company so they asked her to sing something like, “Let the boat fall.”

Suzanne went to event where they sang “Livin to beat our quota” to the tune of “Living la vida loca.”

20:39 Her twin sister is also in the band.

22:10 Her family is helping your family on a very special day in your life.

26:53 Her parents are also her bosses. It’s all good now but was a little rocky when she was a teenager.

28:06 Sigfried from the German beer garten in DisneyWorld dropped dead on stage while playing accordion (Suzanne thinks). Haley’s brother played accordion in “Germany” at Epcot for a time.

30:13 The Canadian band “Off Kilter” no longer plays at the “Canada” pavilion at Epcot. They were replaced by a log-cutting show, then by First Peoples. We miss Off Kilter though.

31:42 Last year her family played on a cruise. Wedding season skips July and August because the weather is so hot.

33:34 Don’t get married outside in Florida.

35:21 One time Haley had to perform on top of a 20-30 story hotel and she is afraid of heights. She freaked out a bit but her family helped her deal with it. Eek.

38:40 The humidity made the neck of the cello break off one time. The guy who repaired it used airplane glue.

40:30 Haley urges you to reconsider having the ceremony on the beach, and instead just do some pictures out there.

41:10 Either Haley herself would have the most perfect wedding ever, or have none. She’s been to hundreds herself.

42:46 People have asked her family to do a reality show. They’re not really that into the idea.

45:22 They announce the bride and groom. They get the names right but sometimes the bridesmaids’/groomsmen’s names might be slightly off if they don’t tell them in advance.

49:30 Is it romantic singing “Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong” with another guy? No. The guy is like family to her.

53:24 She likes The Wedding Singer but he seems a bit too unprofessional.

54:49 Suzanne’s first dance went something like “cent, five cent, ten cent, dollar.”

What a romantic first song:




29 – The Bookmobile

Justine Coldwater drives the bookmobile! She talks about her sweet new ride (it replaced a sad old school bus), about her patrons, and the history of bookmobiles.

She drew the picture you see above!!

Original interview here.

Show Notes

49: Justine works in a moderately-sized middle-of-the-country metropolitan city as a bookmobile driver.

1:52 If it were the end of the world, Justine would drive around giving people books and talking about them. At the same time she had that thought, she looked on craigslist and found the bookmobile job.

3:35 Since Justine and I last spoke, she got a new bookmobile! She used to have a sad old bus that would break down.

4:00 No more holding her bus together with shoe string and chewing gum! They got a new bookmobile!

5:50 Justine describes the inside of the bookmobile. It sounds high tech.

9:15 They’re out there four days a week.

11:35 The kids like the captain underpants books.

15:30 Justine has never felt unappreciated by her customers. Then we laugh at poor Dexter O’Connell, the referee from a few podcasts ago, who never gets thanks.

17:37 The new bookmobile was courtesy of an anonymous donor.

19:32 Bookmobile history and trivia… Bookmobiles started in the early 1900s!

21:54 They serve lots of people every month.

23:32 National Bookmobile Day is in April as part of National Library Week.

25:38 Justine has a huge following of German Bookmobile drivers on twitter. Follow her on twitter! @bkm_lyfe

27:58 Kid tried to hang onto the bookmobile. Gotta watch out for kids doing that. She went a little crazy on him.

30:30 She’s not had any accidents but she has gone over curbs.

32:00 The old bookmobile went up for auction.

33:50 You could fit a mattress in the bookmobile aisle.

34:29 In Africa they have a camel library service.

35:05 The library cake. I’m not sure if this is what she meant…

36:22 Biblioburro – A movie about donkeys used as bookmobile in Colombia.

37:56 A librarian started a bicycle bookmobile in New Orleans.

39:37 The bookmobile exists because of the level of poverty in the community.

They have a little more flexibility in dealing with customers, lost books, late fees.

43:08 People know Justine so they don’t feel embarassed putting 50 Shades of Grey on hold. Suzanne says I don’t care what your income level is, you should be embarassed asking for 50 Shades of Grey.

Justine has shelves of dirty books. Straight-up erotica. Books with Fabio on the cover…

45:56 Fabio’s face didn’t get messed up too bad from the goose accident.

47:43 The bookmobile is the place for Justine. She finds the library itself to be a little dull.

50:55 American Library Association and Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services if you want to donate!

Here is the Seattle bookmobile:


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