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46 – DMV & Obituary Clerk

An employee from the department of motor vehicles has to clean up poop someone smeared on the walls after they took his license away. An obituary clerk has a co-worker who says, “people are dying to get into the paper.”

Here is the bathing suit (buy one at this website!)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is swimsuit_lennie-661x1024.jpg

46 – Weddings & Death

A wedding dress salesperson and a pathologist’s assistant. Also an 80s countdown and the new Jordan Peele movie trailer.

80s top ten:

10 – Anything by Ratt or Pebbles
9 – I Can’t Wait by Nu Shooz
8 – Buffalo Stance by Nina Cherry
7 – Living in Sin by Bon Jovi
6 – Axl Foley theme or Miama Vice theme or Ferris Bueller theme (is that same as Axl Foley one?)
5 – Hot for Teacher by Van Halen
4 – Mr. Brownstone by Guns N Roses
3 – Fantasy by Aldo Nova
2 – Sister Christian
1 – I Can Dream About You by Dan Hartman (not Angie Harmon or Dan Harmon)

Who is this. Ziggy? I can’t remember his name!!

This bottle exploded in our freezer. It was confusing to take a picture. It’s sitting on the shelf, you see? It kind of fell over the edge when it exploded.

46 – Haunted house, haunted donuts

This week I talk about the nightmare that was Brigantine Castle, NJ. Also, a woman makes Christmas wreaths and another woman makes donuts in a building with stairs that lead nowhere.

45 – Cheese & Crackers

Cheese sculptor and Casino surveillance employee! Also a decapitated mouse ornament and banana-peel-style fall!

Also here is my shoe. I’m trying to repair it. I used glue on the top part, where the rubber has popped out. And I’m using galaxy-themed duct tape for the heel. I have to walk to work in the rain tomorrow. Don’t judge. Or maybe just a little.

44 – Holiday Special

Tom worked on a Christmas tree lot. It was not fun. Also,I worked on a construction site installing door stops. Also I’m on twitter you jerks. @iloveusue

43 – Tuna, etc.

This week: Jen Belt at a law office babysitting a pig, Elizabeth Griffin taught (and learned) how to log roll, another woman shipped tuna, and then a guy worked at a strip club called Tuna’s. It all comes back around.

(And yes I know the picture is not tuna.)

42 – Meteorology & Inflatables

Geoff Fox is a meteorologist with a long career in Connecticut.

Jake Vick makes inflatable things, like the bounce-house from the Museum of Sex in NY (see below). Yikes! Boobs!


41 – Cockroaches & Prairie Dogs

Pest control salesman and prairie dog relocator. No one wants animals around.

One day THEY WILL DESTROY US! Or not. This podcast does not have the answers.

40 – Bees & Rats

Stacey worked at a bee farm, and worked her way up to wearing a bee beard.

The second interviewee shot at rats. You have to listen to understand.



39 – Ostriches

Ostriches. Do you know anything about them? If not, listen to this episode.


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