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What this is

Going to make a list of things that this “blog” is not about, so that you can stop reading when you see the thing you were searching for an in-depth discussion of.

  • Pizza
  • How to sell your novel
  • How to market yourself
  • How to dress for success
  • Music other than from the 80s
  • Parenting
  • Email tips
  • Animal husbandy

This blog may be about these things.

  • Boys I had crushes on in high school
  • Animals doing strange things or looking badass
  • My husband zinging me with sick burns
  • Traveling to Crete
  • Getting injured (or inventing injuries to try to get attention)

This feels very ick so far. What if someone from work sees this?

Anyway, that’s it for today. Oh and I don’t find Brad Pitt attractive, never have. #teamanniston

A blog

I have a friend who is constantly telling me obscure pizza facts. I feel like he knows where to get pizza in every town on earth, including hipster places that make only one or two pizzas per day and charge 30 or 40 bucks each. I think it’s kind of dumb to research this level of detail about pizza, but he is super into it, and what’s the real harm?

I told him he should start a blog. He said, “People will think it’s stupid if I tell them I’m starting a blog.”

I told him it’s called “building a platform.” Which I keep reading about, and which never ceases to annoy me.

That’s why today I’m giving away an iPad to the first three callers.

Anyway I wish I had something as specific as pizza that I wanted to obsess over and write about ad nauseum. I don’t, so I’m going to kick it old school and write diary entries on here. My plan is for any men who dumped me in the past to see my super-cool diary entries and to regret ever breaking up with me.

Welcome to my non-pizza-related blog!

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