46 – Weddings & Death

A wedding dress salesperson and a pathologist’s assistant. Also an 80s countdown and the new Jordan Peele movie trailer.

80s top ten:

10 – Anything by Ratt or Pebbles
9 – I Can’t Wait by Nu Shooz
8 – Buffalo Stance by Nina Cherry
7 – Living in Sin by Bon Jovi
6 – Axl Foley theme or Miama Vice theme or Ferris Bueller theme (is that same as Axl Foley one?)
5 – Hot for Teacher by Van Halen
4 – Mr. Brownstone by Guns N Roses
3 – Fantasy by Aldo Nova
2 – Sister Christian
1 – I Can Dream About You by Dan Hartman (not Angie Harmon or Dan Harmon)

Who is this. Ziggy? I can’t remember his name!!

This bottle exploded in our freezer. It was confusing to take a picture. It’s sitting on the shelf, you see? It kind of fell over the edge when it exploded.

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