36 – The Titanium Plant

I’m interviewing myself this week! Come listen to what it was like to work at a titanium plant. I charm some men from the French Navy and hilarity (and diarrhea) ensues.

Details about poor old Oremet Titanium:



Here is my snoopy phone–still have it:

snoopy phone



38 – Pizza

I worked at a pizza place, and Gloria Steinem wants me to keep podcasting...  

37 – Dippin Dots in My Shoes

Abby Markson (from episode 11) is back to talk about a variety of crappy jobs and one bad car accident.…

35 – Ms. Cricket, First Grade Teacher

This episode is just, well, I don't know. Listen at your own risk. You may never get this time back……

34 – From Hair Growing to Paint Drying

Gil Prowler is a cameraman who’s seen it all. Original interview here: https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/gil-prowler-has-not-yet-been-eaten-by-a-bear Eating out of the bear's mouth: Ringside:…