29 – The Bookmobile

Justine Coldwater drives the bookmobile! She talks about her sweet new ride (it replaced a sad old school bus), about her patrons, and the history of bookmobiles.

She drew the picture you see above!!

Original interview here.

Show Notes

49: Justine works in a moderately-sized middle-of-the-country metropolitan city as a bookmobile driver.

1:52 If it were the end of the world, Justine would drive around giving people books and talking about them. At the same time she had that thought, she looked on craigslist and found the bookmobile job.

3:35 Since Justine and I last spoke, she got a new bookmobile! She used to have a sad old bus that would break down.

4:00 No more holding her bus together with shoe string and chewing gum! They got a new bookmobile!

5:50 Justine describes the inside of the bookmobile. It sounds high tech.

9:15 They’re out there four days a week.

11:35 The kids like the captain underpants books.

15:30 Justine has never felt unappreciated by her customers. Then we laugh at poor Dexter O’Connell, the referee from a few podcasts ago, who never gets thanks.

17:37 The new bookmobile was courtesy of an anonymous donor.

19:32 Bookmobile history and trivia… Bookmobiles started in the early 1900s!

21:54 They serve lots of people every month.

23:32 National Bookmobile Day is in April as part of National Library Week.

25:38 Justine has a huge following of German Bookmobile drivers on twitter. Follow her on twitter! @bkm_lyfe

27:58 Kid tried to hang onto the bookmobile. Gotta watch out for kids doing that. She went a little crazy on him.

30:30 She’s not had any accidents but she has gone over curbs.

32:00 The old bookmobile went up for auction.

33:50 You could fit a mattress in the bookmobile aisle.

34:29 In Africa they have a camel library service.

35:05 The library cake. I’m not sure if this is what she meant…

36:22 Biblioburro – A movie about donkeys used as bookmobile in Colombia.

37:56 A librarian started a bicycle bookmobile in New Orleans.

39:37 The bookmobile exists because of the level of poverty in the community.

They have a little more flexibility in dealing with customers, lost books, late fees.

43:08 People know Justine so they don’t feel embarassed putting 50 Shades of Grey on hold. Suzanne says I don’t care what your income level is, you should be embarassed asking for 50 Shades of Grey.

Justine has shelves of dirty books. Straight-up erotica. Books with Fabio on the cover…

45:56 Fabio’s face didn’t get messed up too bad from the goose accident.

47:43 The bookmobile is the place for Justine. She finds the library itself to be a little dull.

50:55 American Library Association and Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services if you want to donate!

Here is the Seattle bookmobile:


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