28 – From Lampshades to Late Night

Rachael Burke started her young career at a lampshade store in Vermont. Later, she won a dance competition on Jimmy Fallon and performed with Jimmy and the Roots. Now she works for him! I actually thought the interview was going to be about lampshades.

Original interview here.

Show Notes

1:50 Rachael worked for a lampshade store in rural Vermont. Lake’s Lampshades. http://lakeslampshades.com/

3:18 The first time she tried to make a lampshade, Rachael realized she had the lampshade power.

5:25 Rachael’s first lampshade had paisley and polka dots. She was proud as a peacock.

7:10 Judy (the owner/lampshade lady) still has a booming business.

9:06 Rachael learned how to re-wire old lamps. Her confidence level in this area is pretty high.

14:10 Judy wrote a book called The Lampshade Lady’s Guide to Lighting Up Your Life.

17:49 Rachael worked as an assistant to the director of a movie called Grassroots. As part of it, she went around New York City with a guy who was dressed as a polar bear.


22:29 The Seattle skate park Suzanne remembers is now the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

23:45 With the polar bear, Rachael waved at animals in the zoo and also posed in wedding pictures in Washington Square Park.

25:20 She has since worked for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman.

26:35 Jimmy Fallon had a contest to create the next great dance move. She has a lot of dance moves up her sleeve.

She and her college roommate filmed a video and won the contest! They went to NY and performed with Jimmy and the Roots.

30:08 The move was called “The Nug Dance” because they called attractive people “nuggets” in high school.

30:35 Apparently people at UCLA fraternities picked up the nug dance for a time.

33:04 Rachael flew from Spain for her Letterman internship interview. A 24-hour trip.

Rachel won an Emmy before she got her college degree. Now, however, she has both.

36:50 Literature or Journalism were Suzanne’s two options for college degrees. She somehow got a journalism degree.

42:00 Rachael now works for Jimmy Fallon and does character work and comedy in New York. On twitter, she is @thatsso_rachael.