26 – Running the Scrambler

In the 80s Kim Engler worked at a now-defunct amusement park in Northeast PA. She ran the Scrambler at Angela Park, a great place with a garbage-eating pig trash can and Olympic-sized pool.

Original McSweeney’s interview here.

Some of my pictures:

Ooh and here is the Tilt-a-Whirl with the insane/shaky slide behind it!

Special thanks to defunctparks.com and https://cherisundra.com/2011/09/02/angela-park-an-american-eulogy/

Oh my gosh they found the pig trash can at a park in Texas!!  http://standardspeaker.com/news/60-years-ago-angela-park-became-an-area-fixture-1.2189813 

And you can buy a shirt here: http://standardspeaker.com/community/angela-park-s-porky-the-paper-eater-lives-on-1.1973897

One thought on “26 – Running the Scrambler

  1. Hey Suzanne
    OMG…that paper eating pig just brought back a million childhood memories from Angela Park. We lived there all summer growing up. That pig had crap suction and smelled like hot, sticky ketchup.
    When the park closed, somehow my brother got a few of the wicker baskets from the pool locker room as souvenirs.
    I happened upon your blog/podcast.
    Good luck!

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