23 – A Suitcase Full of Knives

Avril and I read an interview about selling knives door-to-door. We also cover the definitions of diaphragm, wrestling movies, Days of Our Lives, Bon Jovi, Avon, and Hempfest.

Original McSweeney’s interview here.

Show Notes

:53 The sun is actually shining in Seattle.

2:15 Avril is on a cleanse, clean eating, not exactly like a survival reality show but close.

3:52 Your diaphragm – what is it? How many breaths should you take in a minute, 6?

6:00 How many wrestling movies can you name? How about Sylvester Stallone movies?

12:55 Wrestling live in the 80s. Suzanne saw it at the local high school. Sargeant Slaughter.

15:00 Bon Jovi. Suzanne saw them 3 times in the 80s. She has this poster on her bedroom door and talks to it each morning. (Don’t judge)


16:30 Hulk Hogan – what is his real name? Terry Gene Bollea! Whoa. Would not have guessed he was a “Terry.” “Hulk” must be over-compensating.


18:33 The interview actually starts. The interview subject started selling knives in the summer during high school.

19:30 Avril also went to a CUTCO knives seminar. She did not pursue the opportunity.

20:55 The interviewee was really into the presenter and the idea of being THE BEST at selling knives.

22:10 She tries to sell knives to high school Spanish teacher, who buys nothing despite being quiet wealthy.

25:40 Her first sale.

26:10 Days of Our Lives. Watching in college, taping it on the VCR.

28:55 Sammi from Days of Our Lives was on Fear Factor. She was covered in worms, cockroaches, and snakes. But she did it!

33:00 Suzanne knew intern who tried to see how many animal crackers he could put in his mouth. Probably a had-to-be-there thing.

34:30 Where did the word “scootch” come from.

36:00 Suzanne looks up dirty words in the Merriam-Webster app.

38:48 Suzanne worked at Hempfest a few years ago and after a long winding story, she makes a CUTCO tie-in.

49:07 Suzanne inadvertently stole money from Hempfest (but later returned it).

50:51 What was better than Avon lipstick samples? (Thank you to this site for the picture!)

avon lipstick

54:18 Ladies Get Paid! Article about the wage gap.

55:00 The challenge of stenography school. My friend Abby is rocking it!

58:10 What is up with Avril’s shirt?? She’s badass. She cut the sleeves off a dress shirt!

avril's shirt