17 – UFO Lights in the Sky

Larry worked for the Air Force, back when there was budget for researching UFO sightings. Now the aliens will probably just catch all of us unawares…

Original McSweeney’s interview here.

Show Notes

1:12 Ariana Grande, is she talented or not?

4:10 Check out Suzanne’s new website suzanneyeagley.com so she can get more than 1 visitor a week.  New content and Suzanne isn’t orange anymore.

5:30 Suzanne contemplates accidentally leaking a sex tape so she can be like Kim Kardashian and get more followers.

7:22 Lights in the Sky and Project Blue Book. Intro to Larry Haapanen and does it rhyme with the 80s sit-com “What’s Happening”?

8:01 Sanford and Son still holds up to this day and is funny. Avril’s dad had a truck that prompted her and her sister to bust out the theme song every time they drove it.

11:08 Suzanne tests Avril’s 80s commercial knowledge with the line “Pretty Sneaky Sis”. Avril eventually gets it after a few hints.

12:48 Project Blue Book is explained. Air Force project that investigates UFO sightings that lasted from 1940s to 1969.

14:19 Do ghosts really exist? Suzanne recounts her ghost experience that took place after she received upsetting news about a co-worker.

21:46 Larry explains that the UFO sighting project was his secondary duty to the relief of Suzanne & Avril.

23:01 Is there still sexual tension between agents Scully & Mulder on the most recent X-Files season?

24:27 Larry reveals if he believed in UFOs or not and how many sightings were reported. It always seemed to happen at midnight.

27:48 Speak & Spell, calculators, and boobies.

29:07 Larry describes the type of people that reported UFO sightings. At least a hunter held back and didn’t take a shot at a UFO.

30:44 Project Blue Book was canceled in 1969 and Larry reveals there were 1,000 sightings in one year at the peak of the project.

32:47 Suzanne talks about her boss from a previous job who installed alien tracking software. They eventually took away his Admin rights.

34:34 Local law enforcement takes over UFO sighting reports after Project Blue Book was cancelled. They weren’t so thrilled.

36:24 Hopper from Stranger Things would give a rats. Suzanne & Avril discuss if Hopper is hot or not.

39:51 Larry reveals if he got UFOs on the brain after he worked on Project Blue Book.

41:43 Suzanne admits her mother-in-law has a closet full of 80s toys including the owl calculator. We gotta get our hands on those.

42:55 Suzanne survived and did not end up in the Upside Down. Avril knows this because she has spoken to her since this interview was recorded and is relieved.


2 Replies to “17 – UFO Lights in the Sky”

  1. skcApril 24, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    I’m totally bored at work this week so I’m listening to your podcasts and chuckling at my desk. You and Avril together are very entertaining. Have you thought of any other wrestling blockbuster movies?
    I want surprised that the UFO guy was so lame. I think I’ve seen more UFOs in my backyard then he had in his entire career.

    I totally agree about Arianna grande- her fake baby voice is sooo annoying on the teen Nick show.

  2. SuzanneApril 25, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    I think you should provide details about all the UFOs you’re seeing in your backyard. Maybe we’re being invaded and it’s up to you to save the planet.

    Arianna Grande–not good. Agree. : )

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