15-Saving Lives and Doing Dip

Kari was a lifeguard back when there were no real rules for lifeguards.

Avril and I talk about this job, and a Ludacris sighting, and a car called a Comet.

I don’t know if this is the Comet Avril had, but will post it and then maybe ask her later.

Also, when someone huffs the contents of a whip cream container, do you spell that whippits? Whippets? (I think that’s a greyhound–a whippet.) Yes, I know there is google, but it’s taken me no less than like 100 hours just to put this freaking website together, so go google it yourself if you really must know…

Original McSweeney’s interview is here.

Show Notes

0:40 Suzanne forgot the name of the podcast.

1:08 Avril said they should re-do the intro. Suzanne said no.

1:15 Suzanne describes a poor fool who is at work on a Saturday morning in the office building across from her condo.

1:40 Suzanne saw a man changing in his office one time. He had a hairy back.

3:04 Avril said it’s called manscaping and she encourages all men to wax.

4:15 Avril says naked kids in cowboy boots is “a thing” and not creepy. (Since this episode aired, Suzanne has confirmed that at least one other human says “Yes, this is a thing.”)

4:54 The interview with Kari starts. Avril calls her Karl instead of Kari.

6:00 Avril won’t swim because she wears contacts and so she takes them out and can’t see. She also can’t hear when not wearing contacts. It’s like some kind of weird superpower.

7:18 Avril waterskiied in a nasty cess pool of a lake.

11:43 The actual interview starts. Kari, the interviewee, worked as a lifeguard at apartment building pools.

13:28 Pause to discuss potato chip flavors. From Bored Panda website.

17:29 Back to interview. When was Baywatch on TV, what year? No idea.

18:29 Kari was allowed to wear skimpy bikinis as long as she saved people–not her top.

19:27 Her boss was a hippie who drove a van painted with only primer.

21:27 Avril drove a Comet. Suzanne had an Oldsmobile.

24:24 Boys would fall in the pool so Kari could save them.

25:45 Women at the military base pool would compare boob job scars.

26:10 Avril watches a plastic-surgery-gone-wrong show called “Botched.”

30:55 Kari’s other boss did whippets in the pump room. No idea of correct spelling of whippets.

39:33 Interview over, Avril talks about “The Rap Game” show she watches.

42:33 Amy Pohler rapping on Comedy Bang Bang. Butter be good, butter be bad.

43:06 Suzanne met Ludacris but didn’t know who he was.

50:05 Do rich people eat with silverware or are they fed?

51:00 To be rich and have pants that fit…